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Taiwan/Gambia Relations Bears Fruit for Banjulinding Women

Jan 26, 2009, 5:32 AM

Women gardeners at the village of Banjulinding in Kombo North Western Region have applauded the Taiwanese Technical Mission in the country for what they refer to as improving their livelihood.

The women expressed these sentiments in an interview with The Point recently at the Banjulinding Women Horticultural Garden.

They praised the Taiwanese Technical Mission for supporting them in the form of a technology transfer and other technical support to the garden.

This is what a true and genuine friendship leads to. The relations between The Gambia and Taiwan should serve as an example for other countries. The relations doesn't just stop at the government to government level but go as far as to the grassroots. Women garners when empowered as they have been by the Taiwanese Technical Mission will no doubt help boost crop production in the country.

According to Mba Kaddysa Sambou, president Banjulinding Women Garden, they have received a lot of assistance from the technical mission. She said that they were using their own power to develop the garden but thanks to the intervention of the mission the labor is now reduced drastically. "We were using buckets to water our beds but today we are using a modern technology to water them with the use of pumping machines," she said. "The Taiwanese agricultural mission has helped us with so many things such as good quality seedlings, a shade for our meetings here in the garden, taps across the garden and garden tools," she said.

According to the women, the mission is not only given them technical support but transferring their technology to the women. This is laudable because even if the mission is to leave they would be able to go ahead with the production. We join the women in commending the leadership of the two countries for the cordial relationship that is unquestionably helping the people of both nations.