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Sep 23, 2010, 4:35 PM | Article By: Isatou Dumbuya

Everyday, I would look at my little brother play with so much freedom and happiness that I would envy him.
It was a long school holiday and all I did was take care of him and stop him from getting into trouble.
He would laugh childishly and sometimes have a stupid grin on his face which makes me laugh at him. Being the little boy that he is, he would look at me in amazement and wonder why I was laughing at him the way I do.
When our mother goes to work I feed him and sing him a lullaby to sleep.
Instead the lullabies I sing to him make me sleep. He would creep out of his cot silently and look for something to play with or keep him busy.
When I wake up, I would see him playing, undisturbed by anything or have some milk all over his mouth smiling guiltily as if to tell me, "I was hungry and didn't want to disturb you from your peaceful sleep."
I would pick him up and wash his face and make him some baby food which he would gladly take. Sometimes when I am making him some, he would follow my every step and point at the food he likes.
Our neighbors always find him fascinating.
"He is such a clever kid."
"Oh isn't he something?"
He would chase after the cats and chickens at home without fear. One day, I watched him chase a cat who didn't want to run away.
The unwilling cat slithered its eyes against the sun and perhaps in defense, flexed its paws, ready to charge as it purred in anger.
I was afraid but upon seeing the bravery my little brother displayed, my fear vanished. The cat, which saw that his opponent wasn't scared slowly turned and walked away.
There and then my brother turned and gave me one of his sheepish grins that always break my heart with so much love.
As he ran towards me for a hug, I saw that innocent light in his eyes whenever he feels proud of himself.
Mummy has got some story to hear when she comes, I told myself.