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Stella Maris Sets Up CMA

Mar 25, 2009, 8:35 AM | Article By: Augustine Kanjia

Stella Maris Parish in Bakau comprising Star of the Sea and the Holy Family Catholic Church both of Bakau, have set up the Catholic Men's Association to compliment other efforts t boost up activities of their Church. It is believed that within the Catholic Church, organisations from the lifeblood in the life of the Church. The many people belong to one group or the other to boost their Church. Well, at Stella Maris parish, Rev. Fr. Louis T. Mendy CSSp. Parish priest of Bakau has for the first time initiated the formation of the Catholic Men's Association. Women have got their Catholic Women's Association and have been a pivot behind the success of the Bakau parish. In the same line the CMA would compliment the CWA and as such the work of the Church would forge ahead in a grand style.

As said, early beginnings are always very difficult. It would take time and effort to get very important things started. According to Fr. Louis T. Mendy CSSp. he saw the need to get men involved in the life of the church. "I have found out that women are mostly engaged in prayer groups, CWA, choir with a very small number of men among them. An organised group of men would surely compliment the work in the parish," he said.

In his opening remarks, the parish priest, Fr. Louis T. Mendy CSSp welcomed the five pioneering members present. He went on to talk on the importance of the formation of CMA at this time. According to him the association could be new to the parishioners or to the diocese except to Tony Adjivon, Austin Kanjia and himself, since the three are from Sierra Leone and it is not new in that country. He said he would serve as a member of the group but not as the president or chairman. "It would be in your hands," he said. He further reiterated that CMA would help members know each other and their problems and step in, in time of need on the part of a member. "A Church group should be seeing by action, it is then the world will know who the association is in the Church and it is vibrant, doing the will of God in their own way. We shall be known by our actions," he said. Father further reiterated the need for a uniform and other modalities to make the association vibrant.

Dr. Denis Carayol suggested that an interim executive be set up to steer the group till they get their feet off the ground. Marcel Thomasi was nominated and endorsed as the interim president and Austin Kanjia became the interim secretary.

Marcel Thomasi said the present membership be a mobilizing force to cajole other men of the parish to help the association to succeed. The group was to meet on 20th April 2009 for their second meeting. The founding members include Fr. Louis T. Mendy CSSp, the parish priest, Denis Carayol, Marcel Thomasi, Anthony Adjivon, Nicolas Kujabi and Austin Kanjia.