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State House attackers confirmed dead

Jan 7, 2015, 10:38 AM

President Yahya Jammeh has confirmed the death of the leaders of the State House attackers who attempted to oust him from power last Tuesday. He however did not identify them, nor did he disclose the number of deaths.

Jammeh explained: “The night before the incident, I could not sleep. On this particular Tuesday night, I could not sleep for whatever reason. So, I spent two consecutive nights praying. At 5am local time in Dubai, that is 2:30am here in Banjul, the security knocked at my door. I opened and they were surprised to see me in a ‘waramba’. And, I knew it was not a good message. They told me someone was on the line.

“As soon as I said hello, what happened. He [the caller] said we’ve been attacked. I asked who they were and he said the same people that are on our intelligence report. I told him to get the leaders alive. He told me they’re gone. I told him there is only one gone that I will be happy about. That is, if they are gone to hell, yes, but anywhere else we are going to get them.

“He told me they’re dead. I told him why do you not try to see if we can revive one of them. I mean it because I am going to put an end…I am going to set an example. The last time I said it and people begged me to have mercy, this time it is going to be an eye for an eye. And I am going to get rid of these elements one by one until the last person.”

Jammeh made this revelation while addressing thousands of his supporters who took part in a ‘solidarity march’ in Banjul yesterday. It was the first official confirmation of the death of the attackers as the government had closely guarded the information on the attempted coup.

He added: “I am proud of the armed and other security forces. They are all behind me. It is just 0.009 percent that is rotten. But, let me tell you one thing, apart from the decision of the Almighty Allah, no human soul, animal, fish or insect, black or white, can remove me from power.

“I have been very lenient. I have always been merciful despite reports to the contrary. But now, I would be what I am supposed to be - a good Muslim leader who has an eye for an eye philosophy. It’s in the Quran and the Old Testament; an eye for an eye.”

The Gambian leader went on: “I want to thank all those governments that are true and genuine and sent letters of encouragement and condemned what has happened. Those who do not wish us well, especially within the sub region, by the grace of Allah, the ill will you have for The Gambia, before May 2015, which will be my 50th birthday, you will see. May Allah reward every nation according to their wish towards The Gambia.”

Courtesy of Standard Newspaper