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SSHFC sensitization session a good move

Feb 4, 2011, 11:41 AM

The Social Security and Housing Financial Corporation (SSHFC) recently held a one-day sensitization session organized for  media personnel, which we feel should be emulated by institutions in both the public and private sectors in the country.

It is our view that convening such meetings with the press regularly would greatly help  the media to have first-hand information about the work of organizations and institutions, their programme, area of intervention, and to be better able to inform the general public, which both sides exist to serve.

Unfortunately, though, most of the time, companies or project managers feel reluctant to give information to the media.

Indeed, the only time they need the media is when their projects and program meimplementation are about to wind up; this is the time they feel the media should be called to come and just cover.

People have to understand that the media as an agent of change is a partner in development. So being the case, it has to be involved right from the beginning, and throughout the implementation period, and kept informed of developments and progress at all levels.

We strongly advise that the role of the media has long gone beyond being invited to cover the opening and closing ceremonies of events.

It is our belief that officials heading institutions, or working on programme should always be ready and willing to give the media an interview, and access to adequate information.

If people are well-informed about the organization's activities, it will make life easy for all stakeholders.

It is this challenge we throw to the public relations officers and heads of all institutions in this country, and do hope that they will seize the gauntlet, and live up to expectations in this regard.

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