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‘Sports journalists, sports authorities belong to the same family’

Jun 20, 2013, 11:09 AM | Article By: Adama K. Jallow

National Sports Council Development officer Fabakary Touray has reiterated that sports journalists and sports authorities are promoting the same course of developing sports in The Gambia.

“We all belong to the same family, we have a common objective to develop sports in the nation,” Mr Touray said at a stakeholders’ forum organised by the Sports Journalists Association (SJAG) last Saturday at the Gambia Press Union (GPU).

The first-ever forum organised by the SJAG brought together stakeholders of various associations to brainstorm, put ideas together and work towards the development of sport in the nation.

Touray, who spoke on behalf of the Ministry of Youth and Sports, says they would not achieve what they want in the absence of journalists whose intervention is significant in a national development.

He commends journalists saying: “We are there but we cannot be anything if your intervention does not come on time. Your role is to supplement our efforts because we cannot do it alone.”

He emphasised the significant role of journalists, saying they enrich the public with necessary and relevant information.

The role of journalists in society has to be valued and given the necessary support it deserves, he says, urging journalists to disseminate solid and relevant information to the public who depends on such information.