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Sports Associations back decision to cancel GNOC Election

Oct 25, 2010, 3:58 PM

Fourteen national sports associations that are members of The Gambia National Olympic Committee (GNOC) have supported the decision of the National Sports Council in cancelling the GNOC presidential election last Wednesday.

The election was cancelled following the Independent Electoral Commission's decision to withdraw from conducting it because of "inconsistencies" in the voter list.

The 14 national associations, ten of which are Olympic Sports and four non-Olympic Sports, are also behind the candidacy of presidential aspirant Abdoulie M. Touray.

The national associations, in a press release, also urged the National Sports Council as the government's regulatory body on sports in the country, to take full control of the electoral process and to submit a complete list of eligible voters as per the provisions of the GNOC constitution, to the IEC.

This, they believe, will ensure the conduct of a fair and transparent election.

"You may wish to invite observers from the International Olympic Committee (IOC), the Africa National Olympic Committee of Africa (ANOCA) and the Gambian media," the statement from the national associations said.

Below is the list of the associations

Olympic Sports

1.         Gambia Amateur  Athletic Association

2.         Gambia Lawn Tennis Association

3.         Gambia Volleyball Association

4.         Gambia Basketball Association

5.         Gambia Cycling Association

6.         Gambia Weightlifting Association 

7.         Gambia Wrestling Association

8.         Gambia Rugby Association

9.         Gambia Taekwondo Association

10.        Gambia Fencing Association


Non-Olympic Sports

1.         Gambia Cricket Association

2.         Gambia Secondary School Sports Association

3.         Gambia Paralympic Association

4.         Gambia Dear Sports Association