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Feb 22, 2013, 10:37 AM

Thus three years and the calling were still confined to individuals. The Propjet (BPUH) did not announce it at public assemblies and place of meeting. But Quraish became familiar with the calling if Islam that circulated across Mecca. Sometimes some of Meccas ignored it while others encroached upon believers. But they showed little interest in it as the Prophet (PBUH) did not give public statement about their beliefs or idols so far.

The Second Stage
To disseminate the Calling in public
The first command to proclaim the calling:
When a group of believers were formed on the basis of fraternity and operation to bear the burden of conveying and backing the Message of Islam, the Prophet (PBUH) was ordered to proclaim the calling and confront falsehood in a favourable way.

The words of Allah:
And warn your closest relatives. (As-Shu’araa: 214) were the first text to be revealed in this respect. It occurs in the context which mentions the story of Moses from the beginning of his Prophethood to his immigration with the children of Israel, his escape from Phaoach who drowned with his family. This story included all the stages of the mission of Noses which he went through. This elaboration, which coincides with commanding the Prophet (PBUH) to announce the calling, is intended to work as a model for the discredit and persecution he and his followers would face when doing so and give them insight into their possible difficulties from the very beginning.

It is worth mentioning that the chapter refers to the consequence of there who discredited and belied prophets such as the people of Noah, ‘Ad, Thamud, Abraham, Lott so that those who will disbelieve will know their bad consequences and Allah’s grievous punishment they will receive if they persist in disbelief.

Inviting closest relatives to Islam:
Following the above mentioned verse the Prophet (PBUH) summoned his clan. Some members of his clan came with a group of the children of Abdul-Muttalib Ibn ‘Abd Manaf to complete about forth men. When the Prophet (PBUH) wanted to speak, Abu Lahad talked first and said: “These men are your uncles and cousins. So speak and stop such nonsense. Know that your people have no control over Arabs in general. I see that i am the worthiest one to prevent you though your clan is sufficient to do that. But if you insist on what you do then it will be easy for them that the stops of Quraish, with the aid of Arabs, will stand against you. None brought evil upon his relatives like that which you did upon your clan.” The Prophet (PBUH) heard all that, but he said no word at this meeting.

He called them again and said: “Praise is due to Allah whom i do thank, plead for help, believe and reply upon. And i testify that there is no god but Allah the only One who has no partner.” Then he said: The guide never lies to his people. By Allah the Only One, i am the Messenger of Allah sent to you to in particular and all mankind in general. By Allah, you will die as you sleep and be resurrected as you awake up and held accountable for your deeds. It is, accordingly, the Paradise or Hell you will reside in eternally.” Abu Talib said: “We would like to back you and take your advice. Undoubtedly, we believe you. But these are your uncles who came to attend this meeting. Through i am one of them; I do consent to what you like. Then go ahead with what you are commanded to invite to. I swear by Allah to protect you forever but i have no inclination to renounce the religion of Abdul- Muttalib.” Thereupon Abu Lahab said: “This is unacceptable. You should prevent him before he harms others.” Abu Talib replied: “By Allah, i will protect him as long as i live.

The Prophet (PBUH) proclaims the calling from above the mountain of As-Safa
After the Prophet (PBUH) made sure of Abu Talib’s commitment to protecting him when conveying the Message of Allah, he ascended the mount of As-Safa and stood its top crying out: “Ya Sabahah! (O calamity of the morning!) (It is an expression denoting a warning of the attack of an army or the occurrence of a serious matter.) Then he kept calling the tribes and septs of Quraish one by one saying: “O sons of Fihr! O sons of Addey! O sons of Abdu Manaf! O sons of Abdul –Muttalib! Upon hearing him, people asked who was crying out. They knew that it was Muhammad. Then they, including Abu Lahab and some Qurayshites, hastened to him and gathered. The one who couldn’t get out sent someone else to see what the matter was. The Prophet (PBUH) said: “What will you think if i tell you that there are horsemen at this valley and behind the mountain and they want to attach you? Will you believe me then? They said: “We never saw you lie. “He said: “I am a Warner for you before the advent of sever torment. The semblance of me and you is like that you like of a man who saw the enemy advancing to attack his people. So he hurried up and climbed a high place to warn and call them out. Because he feared that the enemy should arrive before him, he shouted: “Ya Sabaha!” Then the Prophet (PBUH) called upon them to adhere to the truth warning them against the punishment of Allah. He said: “O community of Quraish! Purchase yourselves from Allah.

p Recue yourselves from hell as i do possess nothing in favour of you from Allah. I can cause neither harm nor good to you from Allah. O sons of Ka’ab Ibn Luayy! Do rescue yourselves from Hell.

O sons of Murra Ibn Ka’ab! Save yourselves from Hell. O sons of Qusayy! Do save yourselves from Hell. As i cause neither harm nor good to you from Allah. O sons of Abdu Manaf! Rescue yourselves from Hell, as i do possess nothing in favour of you from Allah, nor do i cause you harm or good from Allah. O sons of ‘Abdu Shams! Save yourselves from Hell. O son of Hashim! Rescue yourselves from Hell. O sons of Abdul-Muttalib! Save yourselves from Hell. As i do possess nothing in favour of you from Allah. Ask me for what you like of my money. I cause neither harm nor good to you from Allah.

O Abbas Ibn Abdul-Muttalib, i possess nothing in your favour from Allah. O Safiyya bint Abdul-Muttalib, the aunt of Allah’s Messenger, i possess nothing in your favour from Allah O Fatima, the daughter Of Muhammad, Allah’s Messenger, ask me for what you want of my money. Save yourselves from hell. As i don’t possess anything to your interest from God. But i will keep good ties with my kith and kin duly and perfectly.” After the Prophet (PBUH) gave such a crucial warning, people scattered and left him. No one gave a reply. But Abu Lahad offended the Prophet (PBUH) and said “Fie to you all that day! Did you summon us for this reason?” at this moment the following verse was revealed:

May the hands of Abu Lahad be ruined and ruined is he. Al-Masad: 1

This loud call was the peak of communication. The Prophet (PBUH) made clear to his closest relatives and fell tribesmen in it that believing in the Message Islam is the survival of relations between them and them and that the consanguinity of Arabs happened to melt into the heat of this warning coming from Allah. The vice of truth still resounded around Mecca till Allah said in the Quran:

Announce what you are commanded with and disregard polytheists. Al-Hijr: 94.

Thereupon Allah’s Messenger began to proclaim the calling of Islam extensivelt at the places of meeting and assemblies of Quraish reciting the Quran and saying:

O my people! Do worship Allah alone. As you have no god but Him.( Al-A’araf: 59)

He also began to perform the rites and offer prayer at the courtyard of the Ka’aba before their eyes...

to be continued