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Somali national convicted for impersonation

Dec 14, 2015, 10:49 AM | Article By: Yai Dibba

A Somali national,Omar Gure Addow, was recently convicted and sentenced by the Brikama Magistrates’ Court presided over by principal Magistrate Hilary Abeke to a fine of D3,000 in default to serve three years in prison for impersonation. According to the facts, as narrated by the police prosecutor, Sub-inspector Conteh, it happened on 18 November 2015, at Banjul International Airport.

The accused went to the SN Brussels Airline profiling desk and presented a British passport No466463437 and the air ticket No 0822164452530 bearing the name of one Ahmed Wuhliy, with intent to travel to London via Brussels.

The profiling officer checked the said passport, and noticed that it did not belong to the accused and, consequently, the accused was handed over together with the said passport to the taskforce at the airport.

The accused person was interrogated and confessed to the police that he was not the rightful owner of the said passport.

During the interrogation, the accused person produced his own passport No 8838 8211, he was later cautioned and charged.

At that juncture, the police prosecutor, Sub-inspector Conteh, applied to tender the two passports and the air ticket, which were admitted without any objection from the accused person.

The accused then begged the court to temper justice with mercy, as he was brought to the country by some people who robbed him and disappeared.

He said he did not know anyone in the country, and is also a family man in his country.