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Solo Bojang and Co trial continues

Mar 7, 2014, 10:17 AM | Article By: Halimatou Ceesay

Trial on charges of giving false information to a public servant and abuse of office involving Solo Bojang and Anineh Jammeh, Tuesday proceeded before Magistrate A.A. Jagne of the Brikama Magistrates’ Court with the cross-examination of the 1st accused, Solo Bojang.

Under cross-examination, the prosecutor asked Solo Bojang if he asked the Alkalo of Alla kunda to allocate a land for him when he went there, but Solo replied in the negative.

He was again asked whether, when the President went to the airport farm, did he go with a convoy, but Solo said it was a long time and he could not remember.

Asked to tell the court the composition of the convoy, but Solo again said he could not tell because it was not relevant to the case.

“Was the ADC part of the convoy,” asked the prosecutor.

“I can’t recall that,” replied Solo.

“Can the convoy go without the ADC?” asked the prosecutor.

“I don’t know,” said Solo.

“As a colonel military you should know the purpose of the ADC,” the prosecutor put it to him. “I don’t know.”

“I am putting it to you that you cannot see the President without the ADC,” said the prosecutor.

“I told you that I did not go to see the President,” Solo said.

“Where did you get the cola nut from?” asked the prosecutor.

“I got it from State House,” Solo replied.

“From whom?” asked the prosecutor.

“I got it from the Ordley, one Lamin Jammeh who came with the keys,” stated Solo.

“I am putting it to you that the ADC was present in the tour at the airport and was aware of everything that transpired between the President and anyone,” said the prosecutor.

“That is not true,” replied Solo.

“You were never sent by the President to the people of Alla kunda,” said the prosecutor.

“What I say here is the truth,” said Solo.

“I am putting it to you that you went to Alla Kunda for your own interest,” said the prosecutor.

“That is not true,” Solo replied.

The particulars of offence on count one stated that the accused persons, some time in 2011and 2012, at Kanilai, told one Sheriff Jammeh, the Alkalo of Alla Kunda village that the President was interested in a piece of land situated at the said village, which they knew to be false.

Count two stated that Solo Bojang, sometime in 2011 and 2012 while being a colonel of GAF and the officer in charge of Kanilai Guard, abused his official capacity by telling the Alkalo of Alla Kunda that the President wanted a plot of land situated at the said village.