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Skye Bank presents TV set to Fajikunda Health Centre

Jun 16, 2015, 11:42 AM

Sky Bank staff presenting the LG TV set to the officer-in-charge of the health centre

Sky Bank (Gambia) on Thursday presented a brand new LG television set to Fajikunda Health Centre.

Ibrahim F. Bah, head of public sector banking at Sky Bank, said the gesture was in response to a call for support from the health centre.

He said the bank’s response to the call was prompted by that fact that the health centre has been doing a “fantastic job”.

Turo Jawneh, a staff of the bank, said the support they are giving to the health centre is like they are supporting themselves because anyone of them or their family member could be admitted at the centre.

Modou B. Leigh, also a Skye Bank staff, said the bank is not only into business of making profit, they are also into the business of national development.

“We are not only here for business but also to give back part of our profit to the society,” he said.

Mr Leigh urged Fajikunda heath centre to continue banking with Skye Bank “as that would help” in further developing their relations – the relations between the bank and the health centre.

Ramatoulie Jobe, officer-in-charge of Fajikunda Health Centre, said they are very much appreciative of the donation by Skye Bank.

She said the centre covers more than 200,000 people in Fajikunda and the surrounding; in essence the TV is for the whole of the community of Fajikunda.

Madam Jobe thanked Skye Bank on behalf of the health centre and the community of Fajikunda for their support.