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SJAG Family Fun Day out slated for 5 August

Aug 3, 2017, 1:22 PM

The annual Sports Journalists’ Association of The Gambia (SJAG) Family Fun Day Out is slated for next Saturday, 5 August at the Sand Beach next to Palma Rima Beach.

The annual outing is meant to bring sports journalists together to socialize and have fun outside their busy work.

This year’s outing will be preceded by a two-hour symposium to mark the belated International Sports Journalists’ Day (ISJD) observed 2nd July annually.

The symposium would avail sports journalists the opportunity to discuss on the current state of sports journalism in the country and the way forward.

The sports journalists will also discuss about their association, SJAG.

Solicitor General Cherno Marenah will be making a presentation on “Sports Press in Our New Democracy”.

All sports journalists are urged to attend the ‘fun day out’ and interact with colleagues. The symposium starts at mid-day and will last for two hours. Sports journalists will then walk down to the beach.

Usually attended by members of the association from the print and electronic media, and acquaintances, the beach party will see members put their different sporting skills to test, with food and drinks available in abundance.