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Seven-year-old boy needs overseas treatment

Jan 27, 2010, 2:24 PM | Article By: Binta Fatty

Babucarr Sarr, a 7-year-old boy, residing in Tallinding needs an overseas treatment.

According to medical report from the Royal Victoria Teaching Hospital (RVTH), the patient had swallowed caustic soda a month ago and he is now unable to swallow anything.

The report went on to say that an esophagogramy x-ray was conducted on him but the patient was not able to swallow the barium meal.

The clinical diagnosis stated that "caustic esophageal stricture, definitive diagnosis was not done because the child was not able to swallow the barium meal done since on 6th April 2006, and other means of investigations are not available in The Gambia in order to make up a final diagnosis."

The medical report finally stated that the patient needs to undergo for an oversea treatment as the facilities are not available here.

According to the uncle of the patient Abdoulie Ceesay, they are in dire need of assistance to help improve the condition of the patient. Mr. Ceesay said that they had tried both The Gambia and Senegal but the boy is still unwell.

He said the boy had undergone a series of operations at Aristide Le Dantec, a hospital in Senegal. Mr. Ceesay said Babucarr once had a chance to go for an overseas treatment at USA, but he was rejected on the grounds that the doctor who sent the invitation to him did not confirm how long the treatment will take and how much it will cost.

Anyone who wants to help Babucarr Sarr can contact his uncle on this number 9808213.