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Sermon Delivered By Serign Khadim Narr Ebnu Serign Mbackeh Sohna Low

Jun 3, 2008, 5:28 AM

My fellow brothers and sisters: I would like to start by extending to the most beautiful and perfect greetings that a Muslim can extend to his fellow brothers in Islam. We shall express our satisfaction about our good conduct and determination. We do know your lofty intentions and your behaviour about which we have no doubt.

It is difficult for us to pay you back for such beautiful actions but we can stretch our hands and implore Allah for him to pour his mercy on us in the name of prophet Muhammed (PBUH). We also extend to you the greetings of Khalifa Serign Abdou Fatah and Serign Moustapha and all our family members.

In addition to that, I want to remind you of the purpose for which Allah created us. We can't refrain from reminding you of this because this is a prescription of Allah himselfwho said: And human beings are made in such a way as if they forget and that's why Satan ,may get them in his trap by making him sin. More so in these days when evil doing has reached unprecedented proportion, in these days when many people are influencing people in this evil direction.

People are no longer ashamed of doing wrong and the misdemeanour are so plenty that people think that it is the slightest thing to do. The young did not respect the elders and some are initiating people who are no models and doing things that are not good to imitate. Satan and the desires of his mundane life have got people forget their obligations between them and Allah, on the one hand and between themselves on the other hand. That is why I remind my self and to you who believe that Allah created us only for us to worship him. So lets worship Allah and avoid associating him with anything and let us worship him properly.

Worship Allah and follow his prescriptions and avoid his proscriptions as was demonstrated by Prophet Muhammed (PBUH). And do not obey Satan in his attempts to take you in the wrong way. And anyone who believes to meet god one day, must have a good conduct and worship him correctly without getting an equal.

Cheikhuna Cheikul Khadim taught us that anything else is useless. He told us: "You who are seeking to reach allah, you should know that nothing can cause harm or benevolence except through the will of Allah. And through out your life, do not rely on the humans because they cannot get you anything you want except harm because only allah will remain, anything else will perish." He said, if you rely or fear anything other than Allah, you will be sure to fail. He is the only one that does not die and does not sleep. He never gets with trouble, he is capable of doing what ever he wishes to do, he will achieve anything he predicts and he is neither regretful nor forgetful about anything.

Cheikhul Khadim said, "Let us seek Allah's blessings and let us fear him and let us never get out of the right way. My fellow brothers in Islam, let us quickly seek Allah's forgiveness and let us make more efforts in worshipping Allah because death does not warn us, and you don't know where Allah dispose of your life. Therefore, let us make efforts so that we may avoid getting into situations where we do not want to die.

Let us abide by the prescriptions of Allah, respect the five daily prayers and give them their due importance and give zakat, when required, perform hajj when possible and give importance to Ramadan. Let us give respect to our fellow brothers especially our parents. Let us take this mundane life from our hearts and stick to and avoid transforming it into our residence because what is in this residence will end. So let us achieve here below something that will owe us the mercy of Allah because it is an endless life.

Unfortunately, today people are behaving as if the day of judgement will not come. Let me tell you: That day will be a terrible one. When we all resurrect and gather in one place, everybody will keep quite out of fear. And they will think that Allah has forgotten about them and they will pray to get into hell because they don't know which way to turn.

Prophet Muhammed (PBUH) said to Aisha, "Allah will gather people and they will have nothing on themselves." Aisha replied, "O, Muhammed, that will be amazing Men and women alike will be naked and looking at one another? Prophet Muhammed replied, "That day will be so tough that no one will think of looking at anyone else".

One day, Aisha was thinking of hellfire until tears came out from her eyes and the prophet asked her what the matter was. She replied, "I'm scared of hellfire. Will you think of your family that day". The prophet told her, "No one will be in a position to care about another in these three situations.

- When the deeds are being weighed.

- When the books are being distributed.

- When people have to cross the bridge of "Sirat".

The Prophet Muhammed (PBUH) said, "Allah will talk to each and every human being and no interpreter will be around on the day of judgement.

Allah will ask everybody, what use he or she made of the life he gave them, what use did they made of the knowledge he acquired, how he got his wealth and what use, did he made out of that wealth.

So let us use all our life for the sake of Allah and make sure that, what we gain is lucid before using it for the cause of Allah.