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Senegalese musicians to storm The Gambia, poised to perform on stage

Aug 17, 2012, 1:19 PM

In preparation for the Koriteh celebrations, top Senegalese musicians, such as Abou Thioubalo and Jimmi Mbye, along with some Gambian stars like Big Faa, Gee, Manna Oz and others, are expected to perform on stage on 25 August 2012 at Duplex Night Club as part of promoting the Gambian music and fashion in general starting 9pm onwards.

Speaking in an interview with Entertainment on Thursday at The Point offices, Kutubo Mboob, CEO of GMA and general manager of Block Entertainment, said the aim of the show is to promote Gambian music and fashion in general.

“The project was brought to us by Mr Lang Kinteh, who studied in the UK,” he said, adding: “We are raising these funds for the foundation to support youth empowerment and development.”