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Seeing some good tidings in the Tourism sector

Oct 27, 2016, 9:31 AM

The Tourism sector has been showing some signs of good tidings, with increasing numbers of tourist flights jetting into the Smiling Coast of Africa.

On Tuesday, a Thomas Cook flight also landed at Banjul International Airport with 212 tourists on board, adding to the about 200 tourists that arrived in the country some weeks ago.

The first flight was from The Netherlands and the second flight that has just landed brought in 212 tourists from Sweden. 

We hope the trend does continue, so that the tourism sector continues to contribute its lucrative quota into the country’s GDP.

We are conscious of the fact that tourism is the second largest contributor to the GDP of our economy, and the sector stands to be the highest foreign exchange earner of the country.

“This is the beginning of the tourist season, and we are very happy. The third is coming in November from Helsinki,” said the GTBoard director of marketing, adding that they are expecting to have about eleven flights from Thomas Cook, and nine from the UK.”

It is really a good start, which should be encouraged. As the managing director of Gambia Tours said, “This year, we are looking towards a very good season, as everybody is preparing for this season and many hotels have opened and some are yet to open.”

It is, indeed, a big plus for all in the industry. It also means that a lot of efforts have been put into it to ensure a resounding and positive result is realised.

The Tourism ministry, tour operators, hoteliers and other stakeholders in the industry should be appreciated and encouraged to continue the good trend and keep the sector booming.

It is indeed for the good of all.

“Keep it up stakeholders in the Tourism industry.”

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