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SDA marks International Women’s Day of Prayer

Mar 24, 2015, 10:19 AM | Article By: Abednego Sarpei

Members of the Seventh Day Adventist (SDA) mission in The Gambia recently converged at their New Jeshwang Church premises to celebrate their annual International Day of Prayer under the theme “It is well - the Woman, the Prophet and the Prayer”.

Addressing the congregation, Admire Loum, Director of Women’s Ministry of SDA The Gambia Mission, called on the nation, especially women, to be prayerful intercessors, as well as be righteous people in their daily lives and fervent in prayer.

She revealed that as a people they are embarking on a stormy voyage of life, which would take them through depths of trials, loss and emotional pain.

However, God has given specific promises regarding intercessory prayer as people go through the details of any life storm that He will prove himself faithful and “we will always be able - no matter our lot - to confidently and constantly proclaim, it shall be well, and it is well – even now – with my soul”.

This, she emphasised, would give them not only courage for the present but also hope for the future.

She referred to the Biblical story of the Shunnamite woman who, though tragedy had befallen her family (losing their only child), was optimistic with the assurance “it shall be well”.

Madam Loum outlined three principles of intercessory prayer and encouraged women to first and foremost pray with faith in God’s promises and to draw near to God with a sincere heart and with the full assurance that faith brings.

“Women are further urged to pray with perseverance as a test of faith,” she pointed out, stressing that this test of faith produces endurance, and for the longer they exercised their faith, the more they are able to persevere in prayer.

She further encouraged the women to pray with boldness as this is a sequel to prayerful faith and perseverance, inspiring them to ‘hold fast’ for the Creator to finish the good work started in their lives.

Madam Loum finally assured women that when these basic principles are followed, there is victory such asthe triumph witnessed in the miracle at Shunem and this would be manifested in all their undertakings and that whatever their situation, women would have cause to say ‘it is well.’

In her welcome address, the Women’s Ministry director praised women for their tireless and selfless efforts at keeping the home, community and nation together, whilst thanking God for another opportunity of bringing them together to celebrate another international day of prayer.

She advised women not to entertain any fear or worry in interceding as the Lord is always present with them.

Present at the ceremony was the Director of the SDA Church, The Gambia Mission and other pastors.