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Reports of mysterious deaths

Mar 13, 2012, 1:21 PM

We were shocked when we heard reports of the mysterious death of yet another Gambian in the country.
One Mustapha Colley, an ex-army sergeant, was Saturday night found dead in his Benz taxi at Salagie around Brusubi, according to one newspaper report.
A local newspaper reported that he was then “placed on the driving seat, his cap on his head, and his two hands on the steering wheel as if he was waiting for somebody”.
The report added that Colley’s vehicle tape was taken away, while his mobile phones and wallet were left with him.
The incident reportedly happened on Saturday, after the late Colley received a telephone call from an unknown person, informing him that he wants to make a money transfer and needed a taxi to take him to his destination.
According to the newspaper, on arrival at Salagie, Colley was attacked and his neck was broken and the body placed inside his vehicle.
Ex-army sergeant Colley’s case is similar to the death in mysterious circumstances of one Abdoulie Colley, a 52-year-old man, who was found dead in Faji Kunda Bajunkoto near Abuko, in December last year.
It would be recalled that when the Inspector General of Police was contacted to shed light on the death of Abdoulie Colley, he said at the time, “we have received report of the incident, and the matter is under investigation.”
Three months later, the public is still waiting, and we do hope that the police findings would be shared with the media, and the general public.
In any case, what these incidents highlight is grave mystery in the circumstances of death.
They remind the general public of deaths of Gambians which are still shrouded in mystery, such as our own Deyda Hydara, late Koro Ceesay and many others over the years.
Which means the police still have a task to investigate such incidents thoroughly, and come up with an explanation which will satisfy the public.
Otherwise, people will continue to suspect foul play, and conspiracy theorists to have and share their suspicions.
Meanwhile, we understand from the newspaper which reported the ex-soldier’s death that his death is being investigated.
We support a special investigation to be mounted by the police and other sister security agencies to ensure that the perpetrators of these terrible act are captured, and brought to justice.
We call on the National Security Council to act in whatever way is appropriate to reassure the people resident in the country of their safety.
In a small country like ours, if people can just die suddenly in unfortunate and mysterious circumstances, it’s a very bad signal. We have our image to protect as the safest and most peaceful country in Africa.
We also appeal to the general public to help the police with any information, to help them solve this latest case.
Related to the above, the police must share information with the public, when such deaths arise without waiting for the media to ask them.
We have seen the National Drug Enforcement Agency being very proactive in announcing its successes in the fight against illicit drugs.
We must remind the police of their primary duty to protect life, and the property of all members of the population.
Finally, we urge people to also learn from these incidents, and to be extra vigilant!