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Reconnect Basse And Environs

Sep 4, 2009, 4:38 AM

It's taken too long than expected since the Basse ferry has not been plying the route.

This problem has made some form of disconnection between the people of Wuli and Sandu with their regional capital Basse.

Since the breakdown, movement of vehicles from Basse to the two districts has been halted.

This has brought a serious challenge for people residing in the two Wuli's and Sandu. They often leave their vehicles packed at the river sides.

Some people do not feel comfortable to cross the river with small boats as they believe that ferry service is most reliable. Such people now find it very difficult to travel to Basse, even as they have important errands to run through.

The breakdown of the Basse ferry doesn't only affect the people of the area, but even officials who may wish to cross to the other side of the river from Basse will also think twice before leaving Banjul.

On market days, particularly at Sarangai Lumo the ferry plays a key role in the transportation of goods from Basse to the Wuli end.

Now that the ferry is not functional this has seriously affected businesses three.

On the other hand, during the breakdown boats' captains also enjoy a lot of patronage as people have no other option but to use them.

We urge the Gambia Ports Authority (GPA) to speed up the efforts to bring the situation under control.

We were told that GPA is working on the matter but we urge you to intensify your efforts so as to address the situation as soon as possible.

If this can be done before Koriteh it will be great because during the period most people in the Kombo's with cars do prefer traveling to the villages in Wulies and Sandu.

 Another important thing is about referrals from Health Centres in the area to Basse Major Health Centre.

Patients who need to be transferred from either Baja Kunda, Yerebawol or Diabugu Health Centres, would find it impossible to get to Basse!

It will be very wonderful to reconnect Basse with its environs.

The road linking Basse and the two districts needs rehabilitation. Some parts of the road are in deplorable condition.