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Re-Election of Gambia Karate Federation Slated For July 19

Jul 3, 2008, 8:32 AM | Article By: By Sainabou Kujabi

The Gambia Karate Federation which had recently elected a new executive under the presidency of Mr. Omar Manjang is being called by the National Sports Council to re- elect their new executive after the last one was declared as null and void.

This news was declared by the National Sports Council after having a meeting with the member clubs last week at the Head Office of the National Sports Council at the Independence Stadium.

The clubs presented unanimously agreed upon holding their election on Saturday the 19th of July 2008 at the National Independence Stadium at 10am.

According to the developments Officer of the National Sports Council, they have now intervened to resolve the problems of the Karate Federation. According to him, all member clubs should send three delegates and that the election will be held according to the constitution of The Gambia Karate Federation.

A notification letter for the election will also sent to all member clubs to exercise their constitutional rights. This is only done to resolve the ongoing problems hindering the development of Karate. Which according him, is not in the interest of the clubs members or Nation.

For that being the case, clubs and practitioners are expected to maintain the Karate discipline they are known for when coming to choose their new executive.

Important dignitaries will be there to observe this long awaited election. A free and fair re-election will definitely be enhanced by the National Sports Council.