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Rape: A Cause For Concern

Jul 8, 2009, 7:00 AM

The issue of rape in our society is now becoming a cause for concern.

Hardly a week past by without newspapers or television reporting a rape case.

Most often young girls are the victims of this menace. They look weak in some cases to be able to defend themselves against their perpetrators. These young girls quite often suffer in the hands of very old men. Can you imagine a 50-year-old man jumping on a 12-year-old girl! This is unbelievable. 

It's imperative to note that most of the times these culprits are those that are entrusted with the care of these kids.

They hardly do it with their own daughters, but someone else's daughter. This is not fair. We must commend our courts for always punishing the culprits to the later.

We must get rid of this menace in a decent manner. Parents and communities in general must all serve as their own police officers, thus helping the police trace out any cases of this nature. Landlords must also report any suspected cases of rape to the nearest police station for further investigation.

As parents you should always monitor the movements of your children, and most importantly create a forum for discussion with them. Before, parents used to sit with their children discussing issues that would hamper their growth. This is common among the mothers but it seems all these customs are eroding. We must not allow this to happen. It's our moral responsibility to provide our children with the necessary guidance so as to teach them the best ways in life.

This would no doubt mould them to become responsible future leaders. It is important to know that if they don't have the confidence to talk to you as a parent you would hardly notice their problems, especially when they fall into the trap.

Give children the opportunity to voice out their concerns and keep their private issue confidential. Children are good at telling their own stories, especially when they are offended. But they wouldn't talk if not given the chance to do so.

Never disappoint them much more to deny their complaints; rather act on them as quickly as possible.

We must all work together to protect our innocent young girls from these "killers". We call them "killers" simply because of the gravity of the case.

Let's protect our children from all forms of abuse and exploitation.