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Ramadan in five weeks time

Jul 5, 2010, 2:41 PM

The holy month of Ramadan is expected in five weeks time, precisely around the 11th of August. Businessmen and women should do everything possible to order before time all the necessary commodities, like rice, sugar, onions, oil and flour in other to make them affordable and available.

We welcome the initiative of the Inspector General of Police in warning the business community against hoarding and hiking of prices of essential commodities.

Ramadan is a blessed month, and anything that can undermine Muslims ability to perform their religious obligations like fasting must not be condoned.

While we welcome the IGP's stand on this matter, we encourage him to use all means to investigate what is behind the present high cost of sugar. That is, to find out who is, in fact, responsible for this undesirable situation.

We notice that, during Ramadan, most of the commodities, especially meat and chicken, become very expensive to the average person, which should not be the case.

The Gambia Livestock Marketing Agency should intervene this time around, since they have been mandated to regulate the marketing of livestock, and price of livestock products.

Such an initiative would be good for livestock dealers, butchers and consumers. 

Butchers for their part should make all arrangements in order that there is enough supply of meat for the benefit of the faithful, and at a cost that is affordable to the average Gambian.

The National Water and Electricity Company, NAWEC, should also do all it could to ensure uninterrupted electricity supply during the month of Ramadan. 

We appeal to the general public to desist from all forms of crime up to and during the holly month.  

Wishes to all for a blessed holy month of Ramadan in advance.