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Prosecution witness testifies

Jul 12, 2013, 11:08 AM | Article By: Dawda Faye

Dembo Camara, who was the first prosecution witness in a criminal case against one Musa Susso, charged with theft he had denied, testified on 10 July 2013, before Magistrate Jobarteh of the Kanifing Magistrates’ Court.

Led by prosecuting officer 2118 Gomez, the complainant Dembo Camara told the court that he lives in Bakau and engages in business.

He adduced that he hired the accused for a town trip to take him to Westfield from Tabokoto.

He posited that when he hired the accused, he called a friend to accompany him at 4 a.m, adding that when he arrived at Westfield with his brother, Yankuba Camara, he gave the accused D75 and left his bag in the taxi on the back seat and alighted.

Camara said when he alighted from the car, he hit the boot of the car to collect his bag but the accused refused to stop, further stating that when the accused refused to stop, he hired another taxi to stop the accused.

He testified that when he could not see the accused, he went to the garage where he hired him and asked about his whereabouts but was told that the accused was not available.

He said when he was told that the accused was not there, he called his brother on the phone who advised him to report the matter to the police.

Camara further stated that he then reported the matter at the Serrekunda Police Station.

He posited that he went with a police escort to the car park but the accused was not there, adding that they waited for two hours but the accused did not turn up, and somebody told them that he knew where the accused lives.

They went to the man’s house with the police and knocked at the door, he testified, adding that the police officer asked the accused’s brother after he opened the door.

He said the accused’s brother was asked whether the accused came there and he told them that the accused was not there, adding that the accused’s brother was asked whether he had the accused’s phone number.

The accused’s brother gave him the number and the policeman dialed the number but could not reach the accused, he said, adding that they proceeded to the police station and sat there for a while but the accused did not turn up.

He narrated that they arrested another person who went to Bundung Police Station with them, further stating that the accused later came out and was asked whether he knew the arrested man.

He said the accused was also asked whether he took the complainant, Dembo Camara, for a town trip and he answered in the positive, adding that the accused said he took the complainant for a town trip with a friend.

The complainant said the bag contained D70,000 and his clothes and other items given to him by his bother.

He testified that the accused was asked whether he knew his friend but the accused said he did not.

The complainant further narrated that the police asked him how it was possible that he did not know his friend when they were together.

The complainant stated that the accused said he met his friend at the car park, adding that the bag stolen was never recovered.

He posited that he wrote his statement.

Lawyer Darboe, who was representing the accused, asked the complainant under cross-examination what type of business he does to test the veracity of his testimony.

“I have a shop and my business is outside The Gambia. My brother, who is in America, sends me shoes and sweets to sell,” the complainant answered.

The case was adjourned till 17 July 2013, for continuation of cross-examination.