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Principal, Marina International School Board Dragged to Court

Jun 6, 2008, 5:54 AM | Article By: By Dawda Faye & Yerro Mballow

Mrs. Patricia Lamour, Principal of Marina International School, and the school's board, were dragged to the Industrial Tribunal at Kanifing, presided over by Principal Magistrate Buba Jawo, who was assisted by a panel. The Principal and the school board have been sued by Mr. Hakeen Akorede Subair, a teacher at the school. 

The plaintiff wants the defendant, Mrs. Lamour in the first suit, to show cause for her use of a single occurrence of an event to issue verbal and written warning at the same time (in the same sitting) in breach of the school's service rule guideline.

The plaintiff is also claiming that the defendant should show cause for the punishment she levelled on him for insubordination and lack of co-operation in the discharge of duty. 

The stated penalty came as a result of the plaintiff's reported failure to attend a meeting with the Education Committee in spite of evidence showing that the plaintiff was sick.

The claim also states that the defendant should show cause for the suspension without pay of the plaintiff.  The plaintiff went on to claim damages due to defamation of character and loss of earnings.

Lawyer Mary Samba, who represented the defendant, applied to the court to strike out the case due to the fact that the plaintiff's claim was not properly prepared.  She stated that the suit was not in compliance with the Industrial Tribunal Rule.  She went on to say that the claim was not signed and the particulars of the plaintiff's claim were insufficient.

The magistrate thus advised the plaintiff to amend the claim within three days before the next adjourned date.

Lawyer Samba subsequently advised the plaintiff to discuss the matter amicably with the defendant.

In the other suit concerning the school board, the plaintiff was also advised to amend the claim.

The case was adjourned until 19th June, 2008 for continuation.