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Pranic Healing

Apr 23, 2013, 11:01 AM

The topic of our health issue this week is about PRANIC HEALING as a complementary healing to medical healing. Before we go into other new issues, let us revise the basic of Pranic healing that we wrote in our previous and first article.

Pranic healing is an ancient science and art of healing that utilizes PRANA to heal. Prana is the life force that keeps the body alive and healthy. There are three main sources of Prana that we utilize in Pranic healing, the air, the sun and the ground.

Pranic healing is based on two main principles, the principle of SELF-RECOVERY and the principle of LIFE FORCE. This means that the body has the capacity to heal itself but, if Pranic healing is applied, the rate of recovery will be faster.

There are two main conditions that affect the human body, CONGESTION and DEPLETION. Congestion means that the body has too much dirty or contaminated energy and depletion means that the body doesn’t have enough healthy energy. It can be that the whole body is either congested or depleted and this will manifest on the aura or one specific area of the body is affected by these conditions, for example when one has an injury in the knee or in the shoulder.

To normalize these conditions Pranic healing utilizes two main techniques, CLEANSING and ENERGIZING.

Pranic healing is a non-touch therapy that together with orthodox medicine can cure almost all types of diseases from physical to emotional and psychological, chronic and severe ones.  Pranic healing does not intend to replace orthodox medicine but rather to complement it.

Pranic healing was created by a Chinese-Filipino spiritual teacher  and energy master named Master Choa Kok Sui who spent years researching the root teachings of esoteric systems such as yoga, chi kung and many others in order to create a simple, practical, effective ‘optimum’ energy healing system that anyone could learn and use. He said that any healthy person over 16 years of age with an average intelligence and an open but discriminating mind and a certain degree of persistence can learn Pranic healing. What is amazing is that such a deep knowledge could be given in such simple and effective way.

There are three levels of learning, Basic level, Advanced level and Psychotherapy. Basic level is like being a general doctor, who can heal all sorts of ailments, but when an ailment needs to be treated by an specialist he will refer the patient to him and in Pranic healing a basic Pranic healer will refer the patient to an advanced Pranic healer and when a person is suffering from psychological ailments the doctor will send the patient to a psychologist or a psychiatrist  and in Pranic healing the patient will be treated by an advanced Pranic healer who has also done the Psychotherapy level. To be able to treat all types of ailments the healer has to learn all three levels. But already with the basic level he can alleviate minor ailments and help the family and friends around. The vision of the Master is that in each family should be a Pranic healer.

It has been proved with Kirlian photography and also clairvoyance that the physical body is surrounded by other bodies called energy bodies. In the same way that in orthodox medicine we recognize several systems like the circulatory, nervous, endocrine, digestive, muscular  systems etc., in Pranic healing there is a subtle anatomy that refers to the systems that cannot be seen  or detect medically but it has been proved that they exist.

When we talk about the anatomy of the human body in Pranic healing we refer to the invisible energy bodies not the physical visible body.

What is this energetic anatomy?

Pranic healing teaches that illness and health problems result from disturbances to the flow of Prana through a network of power centers, passageways and energy fields that interpenetrate the physical body called the energetic anatomy. Your energetic anatomy, also called your energy body, or simply, your aura is a three-dimensional cloud of Prana that begins inside your physical body and emanates outwards in all directions to form a rough outline around your body. The energetic anatomy has five basic components,

1. The CHAKRAS, the body power centers or transformers that take in and distribute Prana.

2. The MERIDIANS, the body’s energy channels that transfer Prana to and from the chakras and nearby organs and parts of the body.

3. The INNER AURA, an inner shell of Prana that begins inside the body and extends about 5 inches out from the body in a healthy person.

4. The OUTER AURA, an outer shell of Prana that also begins inside the body and extends up to several feet beyond the inner aura in a healthy person.

5. The HEALTH AURA, an aggregation of 2-foot-long rays or beams that radiate from the body’s pores. In a healthy person, these health rays are straight and well defined, but in a sick person they are crooked and droopy.

These auras are concentric, much like the layers of an onion, with the three auras nesting inside one another.

Your energetic anatomy has four principle functions,

1.To absorb, distribute, and energize the physical body with Prana,

2.To serve as a mold or template for the physical body,

3.To control, through the chakras, the proper regulation of Prana in the physical body,

4.  To serve, primarily through the health rays and aura, as a protective shield for the physical body against energetic contamination.

One can conclude that there is an intimate relation between the physical and the energetic body and that what affects one affects the other. To diagnose a patient’s ailment, a medical doctor, after interrogating the patient, will use medical tests, laboratory, x-ray, scan etc. to have an accurate diagnose of the patients ailment. 

In Pranic healing there is a method called scanning that examines the condition of the chakras, the auras, the organs etc. This is a manual method. This scan is able to detect the ailment of the patient at the energetic level before it manifests at the physical level. This means that a Pranic healer will start treating the ailment before it has appeared as a physical sickness.  Master Choa explains that a patient went to see him complaining about his liver.

Master Choa scanned him and diagnosed a bad liver condition, he advised the patient to see a medical doctor. The medical doctor, after examination concluded that there was nothing wrong with the patient. After several weeks the patient was not better and he went back to the doctor and he was diagnosed with severe hepatitis.

Pranic healing not only teaches you how to heal others but also how to do self-healing and distant healing. It also teaches you how to take more advantage of breathing (PRANAYAMA) and benefiting from the practice of meditation. We normally are not fully aware of breathing in and out, we do it mechanically because if we stop breathing, we die. But we can learn conscious breathing, how to slow down our breath, how to breath correctly with our belly not with our chest, how to become more patient, control our emotions, be able to take the right decisions, to increase our energy level… through proper breathing.

The practice of MEDITATION can contribute to our well-being. Through the regular practice of meditation we can get rid of physical contaminated energy as well as emotional garbage or pent-up emotions, increase our energy, recharge our body and be in better health, improve concentration, have a better self-esteem, find inner peace and happiness.

In Pranic healing we learn a meditation called TWIN HEARTS to activate and harmonize the heart chakra (for human love) and the crown chakra (for divine love). This meditation flushes out the contaminated energy of our bodies and brings in a tremendous amount of clean, fresh energy. It opens the heart to project energy of love, peace, forgiveness, good will, by blessing the earth. It is a guided meditation.

The Pranic healing center is located at Fajara Road, from the Kairaba traffic light going towards Fajara, after the Emporium store and next to Pippa’s boutique on the left side of the main road. We are open from 9am to 1pm and 3 to 7pm from Monday to Friday, from 9am to 1pm on Saturday. TWIN HEARTS meditation is practiced every day at 9.30 am and at 6 pm and anybody can join.

Before and after meditation we practice some physical exercises to cleanse the body and get rid of excess energy. The meditation lasts for 20min. It is great to practice it in the morning to prepare you for the day or in the evening to get rid of the stress of the day and find your inner peace. This meditation is also a service for humanity because once your body is clean and energized, you are able to project positive energies of peace, harmony, loving kindness to the earth by blessing it.

The center is open to receive patients who need healing. And we teach the healing method through regular workshops. The BASIC PRANIC HEALING WORKSHOP is held every month. It is a 16 hours’ workshop in which you will learn the Basic of Pranic Healing. A recognized international certificate and a manual book are given at the end.

For more information please come to the center or call at 7676482, 7737387 or 7564196. Our e-mail is pranichealing.gambia@gmail.com and the web is pranichealing.org.