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Poor drainage systems carry the blame!

Aug 26, 2013, 2:22 PM

The recent floods in some parts of the Greater Banjul Area are due largely to the poor drainage system.

In fact, the way some of our roads are constructed does not provide effective means for water to pass, and as a result it always ends into floods even with little rains.

As a matter of fact, poor drainage systems have over the years caused many compounds to be inundated with water, raising safety and health issues for residents of such compounds.

Water, it is clear, if not provided a means to move would no doubt force its way, when it rains heavily.

Flooding in compounds could serve as a breeding ground for mosquitoes, thus making residents prone to malaria.

Sunday’s heavy rains left many places in the Greater Banjul Area inundated with flood water, including roads which are usually also covered with sand.

This is very serious and requires a quick response from the relevant authorities to prevent any further disaster.

The challenge now is for our municipal councils, disaster management agency and roads authority to look at ways of mitigating disasters that may be caused as a result of our poor drainage systems.

It is also our hope that the problem could be seriously addressed with the new EU funding on sanitation.