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Plaintiff in Laico Atlantic Hotel case continues testimony

Sep 30, 2013, 11:32 AM | Article By: Dawda Faye

Sherifo Jobarteh, who dragged Laico Atlantic Hotel to the Kanifing Industrial Tribunal for wrongful termination of his service, on 25 September 2013, continued his testimony before Chairman Junkung Jobarteh, who was assisted by his team of panelists, Cole and Davies.

Sherifo Jobarteh told the tribunal that after he wrote a letter in response to the termination letter the hotel had written to him, he did not receive any response from the management.

He adduced that he decided to take the matter to the Labour Department who wrote a letter to the management for a meeting.

Garba Cham applied to the tribunal to tender the said letter and the defendant’s counsel, Kebba Sanyang, did not object to the tendering of the letter dated 23 January 2013.

The tribunal admitted the letter.

Mr Jobarteh further revealed that the Labour Department wrote a reminder when the management failed to attend the meeting, adding that a letter was written by the defendant’s lawyer that they would not answer to the Labour Department, and that the plaintiff could take any action.

Garba Cham again applied to the tribunal to tender the letter written by the defendant’s lawyer dated 20 February 2013.

The defendant’s counsel did not raise any objection, and as a result, it was admitted by the tribunal.

Continuing his testimony, Jobarteh posited that he never sold some films to the hotel.

He said a co-worker of his, Buba Manneh, who was a cook, saw the film and went to him and told him to talk to the chef if they would like it, because of his relation with the chef.

He indicated that he did so and the chef asked him to bring a sample of the film, adding that the chef sent the driver for the film and it was brought to the hotel.

Jobarteh testified that the chef thought the film was good for the hotel and a cost for a roll was D1,500, adding that a roll was 1500m long.

He further stated that the hotel was buying a metre for D375 for a roll of 150 metres long, adding that a purchase order was made by the purchasing officer, and it was approved by Mr Faal.

Document of the local purchase order was tendered by Garba Cham and the defence did not make any objection. The tribunal admitted the document.

He said a cheque was prepared and payment was made.

Jobarteh told the tribunal he received a letter that he had been transferred from the Airview Restaurant to the airport, due to routine exercise.

Garba Cham applied to the tribunal to tender the letter of transfer and the defendant’s counsel did not object to the tendering of the said letter. It was admitted by the tribunal.

Sherifo Jobarteh finally said he was claiming as per his preacipe.

At this juncture, the defendant’s counsel, Kebba Sanyang, rose and started cross-examining the plaintiff to discredit, contradict and challenge him.

“How did you obtain the film?” Kebba Sanyang asked.

“A co-worker saw the film in a second-hand container. This is how I got it,” Sherifo Jobarteh answered.

“Where is Buba Manneh?” enquired counsel Sanyang.

“I don’t know his whereabouts,” Sherifo responded.

“He is not working for the hotel?” counsel Sanyang wanted to know.

“Yes, he left before me,” said Sherifo.

“Was he terminated or left the hotel?” asked counsel Sanyang.

“I have no idea,” Sherifo replied.

“Before making an arrangement for the film, did you see such a film in the hotel before?” inquired counsel Sanyang.

“I was dealing in such films because I was at the airport and I ordered films for the hotel,” Sherifo answered.

“When you requested for the film, they sent it to you at the restaurant?”Counsel Sanyang questioned.

“Yes, they did, as I was the restaurant manager,” Sherifo responded.