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Piece of My Heart Ripped Off

Dec 18, 2008, 4:38 AM | Article By: Aminata Sey

The gunmen ripped Sey off a piece of my heart when they killed Deyda Hydara (Granddad). They also ended the good times I had with the most loving, caring, kind hearted person I have ever known.

He cared very deeply and loved me very much when I was young. After his work he'd always buy me sweets and biscuits. He would joke with me, let me do his hair and he would also teach me French.  He would care for everyone, including Vieux and me.

The gunmen who performed this act have Satan in them and I think they received instructions to carry out this act from someone. This someone is a person who does not encourage the truth so when I grow up, I will try my best to become a journalist not only to follow in my granddad's footsteps but also to be a part of the struggle for the truth and win!

I wish the three bullets had reversed and killed the killers. I am ashamed to be a Gambian because the government has as yet done nothing to investigate the murder of my granddad. What a shame!

Aminata Sey is Deyda Hydara's granddaughter.