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Physical Planning launches regional planning authority on land

Nov 4, 2014, 10:12 AM | Article By: Abdou Rahman Sallah

The deputy permanent secretary at the Ministry of Regional Administration has spoken of the judicious use of land for human and developmental purposes.

DPS Saikou K Sanyang was speaking in Kerewan at the launching of the North Bank Regional Planning Authority on land administration.

He said the planning authority’s functions include to map out human settlements, roads, schools and other community resources in the villages and towns.

The planning authority is also mandated to raiseawareness on land management, building construction and development control as stipulated in the Lands Act.

Musa Badjie, director of Physical Planning and Housing, said the planning authority has been in place since 1984 under the first Physical Planning Act.

The launching of planning authorities in the regions aims at better planning for upcoming generations.

Governor Lamin Queen Jammeh thanked the Department of Physical Planning for empowering the regions to partake in the effective management and engagement of stakeholders on land.

He said the launching of the planning authority would contribute in building trust and confidence, as the planning authority would ensure fair land allocation for both human settlement and other productive use.

Governor Jammeh said the members would operate in an open and transparent manner to enhance public trust.

Ensa Camara, principal physical planning officer, noted that the launching of planning authority is important in promoting the judicious use of land.

The Department of Physical Planning attaches great importance to empowering the regional planning authority to advice the national planning authority on issues relating to land use and layout planning.

Amadou S Batchilly, principal development control officer at the Department of Physical Planning, said institutions, organizations and people should apply for a development permit as enshrined in Lands Act to ensure proper assessment, before any construction takes place.