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Pap Saine- Co-Publisher and Managing Director of The Point.

Dec 16, 2008, 5:35 AM

I would like to appeal once more on behalf of the family of the late Deyda Hydara, the management and staff of The Point Newspaper for the authorities to revive the investigation into Deyda Hydara's killing. This will no doubt help a great deal and will clear any suspicions or doubt about the untimely assassination of Deyda Hydara. This will further enhance the image of the country.

We pray that justice will be done so that the culprits will be arrested and brought to justice. I suggested to the authorities for an independent enquiry to investigate the manner in which Hydara was assassinated. There was only a preliminary report from the National Intelligence Agency (NIA) which was not satisfactory to the family and the staff of The Point.

We cannot forget Hydara. He has contributed a lot in the development of the media fraternity. His assassination should not go in vain. But we believe that one day, by the grace of The Almighty Allah, the truth will prevail. Hydara was co-founder of The Point Newspaper together with myself Pap Saine and the late Baboucarr Gaye, who later resigned.

Hydara was the representative of the French AFP News Agency in The Gambia for 30 years, RSF for 10 years and the President of The Gambia Press Union for 10 years.

I use this occasion for the 17thanniversary of The Point, which is celebrated today, to say that we will continue to struggle to promote the legacy of the late Deyda Hydara, freedom of the press and to give rights to the voiceless people. I thank our subscribers, advertisers and dynamic staff for the hard work despite many constraints.

I am once more appealing for our advertisers and subscribers to pay theirs dues in time so that we can maintain the life of the paper.