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Oussou Njie Senior Received Life Time Achievement Award

Apr 29, 2009, 10:35 AM

Ousssou Njie Senior, a veteran musician was among the ones who received 'Life Time Achievement Award' last Saturday at the KairabaBeach organised by Champion Sounds Promotion.

The award night, which was characterised by life performances from Gambian and foreign artists, was aimed at rewarding artists and promoters alike for their significant contribution to The Gambian music industry.

Speaking in an interview with Entertainment, Oussou Njie Senior said he has received his award with mixed feelings, noting that it should have been people like Jimi Coron, So G U I Sock, Modou Cham, Badou Jobe, Pa Touray, Laba Sosseh.

"These Gambians should have received these awards because I am their apprentice." 

He indicated that it was during their time that the Department of Arts and Culture thought about setting up school for arts. Some of the young musicians he added especially the singers have talents, but their talents needs to be polished.

 "When I was a kid, about 8 years old, the Super Eagles album came out and I had to save up from my pocket money for at least 2 weeks just to buy it. And it was at Oussou store that I purchased it. You see that Super Eagle album was a big hit. They were the hottest those days, but sadly and not so long after that, they became quite and it was all over."

In conclusion, Oussou Njie went on to thank DJ Lamin Cham for organising such a good awarding event for musicians and promoters. He also thanked the main sponsors of the event, Gamcel, the National GSM Operators.

Life time Achievement Award Category 1

Oussou Njie Senior Musician

Musa Afia Ngum Musician

George F Gomez, Executive Director, Gambia National Olympic Committee GNO Promoter

Mass Lowe Musician

Life time Achievement Award Category 2

Amie Cherry musician

Flexman of the defunct pancha B


Rasku Ras

Promoters Award

Matarr Sosseh

Gibbi Bah

Wagan Faye

Music, cultural and media award

Tijan Camara

Alhagie Modou Joof

Best selling Album Award Female Artist

Sambou Susso

Best selling Album Award Male Artist

Pa Omar Jack

The most radio played Artist Female category

Sambou Susso

The most radio played Artist Male category

Yusupha Ngum

Best Female life performer

Oumie Ngum Maisa

Best performing Band

Five Star Band

Best International Gambian Artist

Jali Lamin Saho

Best up coming Artist

Magnificant Joe

Best International Artist