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Ousman Badjie trial reaches climax

Jul 1, 2016, 11:35 AM | Article By: Halimatou Ceesay

The economic crime case involving former Works Minister Ousman Badjie has reached its climax, before Justice E.O. Dada at the Banjul High.

The case, heard yesterday, was adjourned for adoption of written addresses.

When the case was called, state counsel A.M. Yusuf told the court that the matter was slated for adoption of briefs.

However, he told the court he thought the defence should be the first to file so he could reply, but then he later found out from the defence that he had to file first.

L.S. Camara said he too could not file his address because he did not receive anything from the prosecution.

He said that since they took 14 days each to file their address, and they did not and so much time had been wasted, he was suggesting that they could now go for a short date and take seven days each to file their addresses.

State counsel A.M. Yusuf then enquired if the court could order for the defence to file first.

The trial judge then told counsel Yusuf that after the witness was discharged and the defence did say that was all for their case, he (Yusuf) stood up and said he needed 14 days to file his address.

The judge, in response, said her own understanding of that was A.M. Yusuf was the first to file his address.

“My lord is correct and that is the law because we did not call a witness and he (Yusuf) himself admitted that he would file within 14 days. So if he wants to change that I will be surprised,” L.S. Camara said.

The trial judge then told state counsel Yusuf that DW2 was there to tender a file in court, and the witness was discharged without being cross-examined by him (Yusuf) and, based on that, as they are guided by the court’s records, the state should be the first to file.

The trial judge then ordered both parties to file their briefs, and they were each given seven days to file their addresses.

The case was then adjourned until 20 July 2016, for adoption of briefs.