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NTA validates standards on ICT User Skills on Level 1&2

Sep 15, 2014, 11:11 AM | Article By: Halimatou Ceesay

National Training Authority (NTA) has validated standards on ICT User Skills on Level 1&2 and developed a total of 41 standards in all five sectors.

The validation took place during a four-day workshop on review, formulation and harmonization standards in 5 occupational areas, namely computer technology, database, networking, PC repairs and web design held at the TANGO conference Hall. 

The four-day workshop brought together members of the IT Association of the Gambia, PMO, Ministry of Information, and NTA-registered institutions and those in the ICT industry.

Speaking at the closing ceremony, Almameh Kinteh, acting Director, Quality Assurance & Standard and Curriculum development Specialist of NTA, said he was pleased that they were able to come up with standards in level 1 and 2 and have also developed a total of 41 standards in the five sectors.

This means that they have a package which training providers can use for the next two years for both level 1 and 2, he said.

This package, he added, was validated and they would submit it for approval and the institutions could go to NTA and register for the programme.

Mr Kinteh said they organised the workshop to come up with programmes that would be used by their institutions, especially TVET institutions.

He revealed that a lot of students are offering IT and they thought the initiative they have discussed during the forum would give a wider scope for the trainees to come up with informed decisions as to what type of career they would want to take from the beginning.

He said their mandate is to come up with a national qualification credential which is the Gambia skills qualification.

All they are looking for, he noted, is to address the market demand of the country to ensure they provide training that is marketable that does not confine their trainees to Gambian standards only, but also enable them to perform well outside The Gambia.

Seedy Bensouda, president of ITAG, said developing two levels is a good start, adding that he hoped they would implement the standards, as this would determine how competitive and relevant the sector would be.

Edmond Shonubi, Information/PR Specialist at NTA, said the standards have a life span and after every two to three years they would be called upon to come along and look at what they did for standards review.

He thanked them for doing a good job, saying they should make themselves available when needed.