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No place for greed

Jan 22, 2010, 1:02 PM

The head of the Gambia Supreme Islamic Council (GSIC) Imam Lamin Touray has hammered home three fundamental issues that followers of the country's major faiths - Islam and Christianity - must take into account as adherents of these religions.

These are indiscipline, ignorance and greed - which are the focus of the interview the said imam had with our reporter recently.

However, our main focus here is mainly on greed, which is causing a lot of mishaps in today's world. From the work places to the business sector, people are interested in grabbing whatever they can lay their hands on.

Worst of all, there are others who are hell bent on squandering or robbing others of what belongs to the community or the country as a whole.

As the venerable imam has put it: "Everybody is busy trying to make millions with little or no regard for how our children are raised; so they dress anyhow, do whatever they like and go anywhere they feel like going without any control."

Like corruption, greed destroys the social fabric of society, and is one of the factors responsible for poverty, as often a few survive at the expense of many by means of swindling.

Greed is described as "a strong desire for more wealth, possessions, power, etc. often more than what a person needs." 

Go to the business sector, especially during feasts like Tobaski, Koriteh or Christmas, and then you realise that the worst is happening nowadays.

During these religious occasions, many tend to forget that there is life after death, as they indulge in ungodly activities.

So our advice is to think twice before dipping your hands in what the Wollofs call alelu mbolo.