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New Brufut Alkalo speaks

Feb 9, 2010, 9:58 AM | Article By: Lamin B Darboe

(Monday, 08th February 2010 issue)
The newly appointed Alkalo of Brufut village in the Kombo North District of Western Region, Malamin (Kajorr) Manneh, who replaces Yunus Sano, spoke about his development plans for the village.

In an interview with this paper on Friday, he said that his first task would be to unite the villagers of Brufut for the development of the village and the district in general.

He revealed that on his agenda is to develop his village, and emphasised that development cannot be achieved without politics. According to him, "we are in the era of political development."

"When the village is developing, this would reflect on the development of the entire district and the nation at large," he added, and urged his villagers to stand by him to develop Brufut.

Mr. Manneh advised the villagers of Brufut to maintain peace in the village for their own safety, as he put it, "without peace you will not enjoy your stay in the village, neither to move about freely."

On the issue of the double allocation of land to more than two or three people, Mr. Manneh described this as "an act of unfaithlessness."

He called on his villagers to be faithful to each other in whatever they are doing, be it in Brufut or outside the village, and he stressed that "what belongs to you, take it, but what does not belong to you, don't touch it."

He said sometimes the owner(s) of a plot of land will sell their land, and after a few weeks or months sell the same piece of land to another buyer(s) in some parts of the village without the consent of the original land owners.

He suggested that before any Alkalo puts his or her stamp on any land transaction, he or she should go and see the land area in question to avoid double allocation of the land.

He used the occasion to thank the President for appointing him as the Alkalo of Brufut, and promised to live up to expectations.

Mr. Manneh called on the people of Brufut and Kombo North District in general to support him in his strive to develop the village.