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NCCE holds civic and voter education sensitisation in WCR

Mar 14, 2017, 11:01 AM | Article By: Cherno Omar Bobb

The National Council for Civic Education (NCCE) Sunday commenced a 10-day civic and voter education session for 30 communities in the West Coast Region (WCR).

The sensitization activity, which will be held in the districts of Foni Jarrol, Foni Kansala, Foni Bondali, Foni Bintang, Foni Brefet, Kombo East, Kombo Central, Kombo South and Kombo North, is meant to ensure people come out and vote in the National Assembly election.

Communities to benefit from the sensitization are Burumeng, Jarrol, Chabai, Fass Chamen, Kafenkeng, Bondali Jola, Kambong, Bujega, Arrangalleng, Tamba Kunda, Sewol, Kanuma, Besse, Jagill, Brefet, Kafuta, Tumani Tenda, Tunjina, Bassorr, Serrekundanding, Baffuloto, Manduar Wollof, Penyem, Dimbaya, Marakissa, Kartong, Madina Salam, Jambur, Mandinaring and Makumbaya.

Speaking at Burumeng on Sunday 12 March 2017 where the sensitisation sessions began, Ansumana Yabo, NCCE civic officer told villagers that the National Assembly is where important decisions are made and, as such, they should vote for competent people due to their qualifications and not based on personal relations or political affiliation.

“As a country, we will never develop if we do not put the country’s interest first,” he said, adding that politics does not mean tribalism, but putting the right people in the right positions.

He called on people to go out in their large numbers to vote during the National Assembly election, as they did during the presidential election.

Power belongs to the people, he told the gathering, adding: “If they elect someone who is not serving the interest of the constituency, they have the power to remove him or her and replace him or her with someone who will be there to serve the interest of the constituency.”

“Electing wrong people to be part of our National Assembly will take the country’s development backwards,” he went on.

Mr Yabo also took time to point out things that could make one qualify to contest for a National Assembly seat and things that disqualify one to become a National Assembly member.

“Our lives depend on the people we will elect because they will be there to make decisions on our behalf,” he said, adding that for one to also be a good citizen he or she has to take part in voting.

He also urged people to campaign in peace, saying that people could put across their agendas without attacking others.

He urged people to have political tolerance and respect for each other, as they are all one people.

“Let no one allow the peace and stability of the country to be compromised,” he continued, further stating that people in power come and go, but as citizens they live together forever.

He also urged people not to sell their vote, as it is their right, voice and power.

Emmanuel Gomez, NCCE administrative secretary called on youths to change their attitude toward politics, saying their lives depend on politics as it is what brings peace, stability and development to a nation.