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"NBR Will Lead President Jammeh's Call Back to the Land" - Governor Seckan

Aug 27, 2008, 6:12 AM | Article By: By Lamin B. Darboe

The Governor of the North Bank Region, Edward Seckan, has told The Point that the North Bank Region will the first to answer President Jammeh's call to go back to the land. Governor Seckan disclosed that his region is cultivating 30 farms for President Jammeh with a variety of crops being grown including coose, millet, sesame and beans.

According to Governor Seckan, the proceeds from the farm will go back into the community and benefit needy people. He added that farming for the president is not a waste of time and called on all Gambians to get involved and answer the presidents call to go back to the land by farming their own farms. "Considering all the development President Jammeh has brought to the North Bank Region in the last 14 years the people of the region should feel it necessary to give the president their support," he said. He finally told The Point that the president's plan can ensure we have enough food to feed our families.