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NAYCONF Resolution

Dec 30, 2010, 1:30 PM | Article By: Nfamara Jawneh

Reminding all delegates of the theme of the 9th National Youth Conference and Festival (Youth Participation and Partnership in the Fight against Drugs and Corruption), attended by Regions, Municipalities and National Youth Organisations, colleagues from Guinea Bissau and the United Kingdom, from the18th – 22nd December, 2010 in the Kanifing Municipality;

Reaffirming the provisions of the National Youth Policy and Programme of action 2009 to 2018, which provides for Government to work in partnership with young people and other relevant partners; with the aim of improving the welfare of young people in the Gambia;

Noting with appreciation, the support of the Government of the Gambia in its efforts directed at building a better Gambia, with the effective participation of young people. Also noting the contribution of the Private Sector, Non Governmental Organisations and United Nations Agencies;

Encourages all relevant Ministries of the Government of the Gambia, Departments and Development Agencies, Local Government Authorities as well as Civil Society Organisations and the Media to collaborate and work more closely with youths at the Grassroots and National Level, in order to facilitate the effective participation of young people in decision making and practical aspects of development and subsequently engage in the promotion of a drug free society in partnership with the National Drug Enforcement Agency;

Requests the Government of the Gambia and its development partners to provide special resources towards environmental protection and mitigation initiatives, specifically call on Local Government Authorities to contribute to environmental preservation in partnership with young people in order to address environmental degradation, poor sanitary/drainage systems and the lost of the forest cover;

Calls for the allocation of financial and material resources towards the initiatives of young people at both National and Local level through the piloting of special intervention programmes and activities, with the view of creating employment for young people and thus serve as a strategy to minimise the incidence youth involvement in drug abuse and illegal migration. Also call on Local Government Authorities to make special budgetary allocations (at least 5% of their budget) for Youth initiatives at both Regional and Municipal level;

Also request the Ministry of Youth and Sports to ensure the nationalisation of sporting activities to reach out all Regions of the Gambia to participate equally in all sporting activities (national football league, provision of sporting facilities etc.) in the Regions and Municipalities;

Also Urges young people of the Gambia, Guinea Bissau, and the entire sub-region to desist from substance abuse, trafficking, and corrupt practices, as well as engage themselves in awareness creation campaigns and advocacy towards the promotion of meaningful livelihood for all,

4. Establish rehabilitation centres for traumatised people (i.e. those affected by illegal drugs etc.) and rejuvenate them back into society.

5. Call on the Government of the Gambia and Senegal to ensure dialogue in the promotion and maintenance of peaceful co-existence between the two countries.

Ministry of Youth and Sports

1.         Provide adequate financial subvention to the National Youth Council

2.         Ensure the development of a Special Secretariat for the National Youth Council with Multi-purpose facilities

3.         Establish in each Region, a Mini Stadium for the participation of young people into sporting activities.

4.         Government to consult with the National Youth Council and National Youth Organisations for the nomination of a youth representative in parliament.

5.         Review the National Youth Council Act, and popularise the Gambia National Youth Policy 2009-2018.

National Youth Council

1.         To play a coordinating role and support young people, through capacity building to facilitate their involvement in development and implementation of programmes and activities.

2.         Ensure the swift establishment/inauguration of the National Youth Council of the Gambia.

3.         To conduct quarterly consultative meetings with Regional Structures and National Youth Organisations

Young people of the Gambia

1. Ensure the total abandonment of the production, Usage and trafficking of illegal drugs.

2. Participate in meaningful development activities at all levels to contribute towards national development.

3.         Ensure the total abandonment of illegal migration and create awareness to the youth populace.

4.         Develop positive attitudes and do away with corrupt practices, bribery and be law abiding and responsible citizens at all times.

5.         Pledged to engage in improving the environmental capital through tree planting exercises, in order to facilitate re-forestation (Commit to plant One Million Trees in the next two years in partnership with Ministry of Environment)

Ensure Civil Society, Government partnership with Grassroots and National Youth Organisations in the realisation of national development programmes and activities.

Requests for support and partnership for the full implementation of the following recommendations as part of Resolutions of the 9th National Youth Conference and Festival 2010.

Government and Local Government Authorities

1.         Provide the material and financial resources (funding, farm implements, Land and tractors etc) for the active participation of young people in agriculture and related fields in all Regions of the Gambia.

2.         Ensure the Establishment of Tertiary/Technical Training Institutions (in computer training, Business, Carpentry etc) in various Regions of the Gambia to address youth unemployment;

3.         Ensure special schemes (with adequate material, technical and financial support, market and storage facilities) for young people to engage in the Fisheries (provision of boats, machines, fishing accessories), particularly in major fishing areas.

4.         Establish Youth Centres where they cease to exist with requisite material resources and renovate existing youth centres with the inclusion of skills training for young people of the Gambia.

5.         To promote and enhance equal opportunities for physically challenged youths and ensure easy access to facilities and other amenities.

6.         To develop a National Youth Employment Policy for the creation of employment for young people with comparative analysis of initiatives for every region/municipality of the Gambia

7.         To popularise the national laws of the Gambia (i.e. the Constitution of the Gambia, Laws on Drugs and Crimes), and make them accessible and reader friendly to young people.

Government and Civil Society Organisations

1.         Provide financial and material resources for young people to engage in awareness creation activities in illegal drug abuse, youth and illegal migration, and Health related (HIV/AIDS, Reproductive Health, Malaria etc) issues and environmental consciousness raising.

2.         Allocation of a special financial scheme within the Ministry of Youth and Sports to provide young people and Youth Organisations with grants/loans to engage in self employment initiatives.

3.         Ensure partnership with Regional youth bodies and National Youth Organisation and provide financial and material resources for their engagement in awareness creation activities.

Pledge allegiance to the Gambia and promote peaceful co-existence at all times.

Continued Follow-Up and Evaluation

Looking forward, we stress the need for a yearly monitoring and evaluation of NAYCONF 2010 resolutions, performed by all parties involved, which are the various regions/municipalities and National Youth Organisations. We therefore mandate the National Youth Council to work closely with the Conference Sub-Committee to ensure the follow-up of post NAYCONF activities.