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NAWEC explains erratic power supply

Oct 7, 2010, 1:28 PM

The National Water and Electricity Utility Company (NAWEC) has given loaded excuses for the erratic power supply it has been dishing out lately to the public.

According to its recent press release, some of the reasons for the setback in power supply the nation has been grappling with in the last three months or so are heavy load shedding in the Greater Banjul Area caused by the "fire incident at the Kotu Power Station (which rendered some of our generators non-operational)", machinery breakdown at the Brikama Power Station, problems usually encountered during the rainy season, and some ongoing planned and unplanned maintenance on some of the generators.

"All these have resulted to electricity supply falling below normal capacity," NAWEC says. 

Its release added: "The management of NAWEC is doing everything possible to address this problem. We expect that this problem would be addressed shortly".

"NAWEC therefore appeals to the entire country to bear with us on the current regrettable situation and assures everybody of the company's commitment and determination to providing a reliable and equitable supply of power as soon as the rehabilitation works are completed."

"The company counts on all its customers' usual understanding and cooperation and apologizes for any inconvenience caused."

Meanwhile, as the "regrettable situation" persists, the nation, especially the business operators, is seriously affected due to the increased cost of production firms are made to undergo and the uncomfortable circumstances people have to make do with at home.

"The running of generators, almost half of the day on daily basis, to keep our businesses operational is causing us heavy fuel cost, which is unsustainable if this situation is not solved as soon as possible," businessman Amadou Dukureh told The Point.

Another concerned citizen said: "We are begging Nawec to solve this light problem; the persistent power outage these days is affecting us at home. We cannot enjoy the comfort of our homes anymore as there is no light. We can't preserve our foods in the refrigerator and we can't have sound sleep in the heat of the environment nowadays."

NAWEC is expected to expedite its "rehabilitation works" to bring the situation to normality, for the good of the nation and for the economy.