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National unity call is important

Jan 4, 2010, 12:02 PM

The recent call made by the President for people to put aside their political differences, and work together for the betterment of the country, is indeed a very important call.

We would also like to add our voice to this genuine call by appealing to all Gambians to bury their individual and political differences and work with a clean heart in building our motherland.

National unity is, of course, very paramount and to achieve this satisfactorily we also call on the government to put on trial all those in detention without trial or release them.

If we are to succeed as a people and a nation, we must endeavour to regard one another as patriotic citizens and, more importantly, respect each other as equal human beings.

We take this opportunity once again to call on the government to allow the Press to do its work smoothly and effectively, by abolishing all draconian media laws, to open a dialogue with the Press and to give the Press access to information. Indeed, without a vibrant press there can be no genuine democracy.

Since President Jammeh is calling for national unity, it is essential to bring on board not only the politicians, but the journalists of the private media as well.

Another point worth noting is that ensuring that the rule of law prevails and upholding the Constitution are cardinal to national unity.

Another thing that needs to be considered is the issue of respect for human rights. We must give it priority in this country, since it is a basic pillar of any functioning democracy.

Since we are approaching general elections next year, we must all avoid character assassination, fights or quarrels by all means. The goal should be peaceful, free and fair general elections in 2011.

As we enter the New Year, we implore all Gambians to forgive each other and work towards the common good.

Once again, to succeed in any call for national unity which, of course, is essential for peace, prosperity and sustainable development to prevail, the enabling environment must be fostered for each and every person in this country to pursue and realise his or her dreams.

In the same vein, citizens must also be patriotic enough so as to move the nation forward towards attaining our national development goals.

For our guests and non-citizens residing in the country, we encourage you to be always law-abiding and to serve as good ambassadors of your institutions and countries.

Indeed, working together we can move The Gambia forward!

“Even the weak becomes strong when they are united”.

Johann Friedrich Von Schiller