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Moses Richards continues his Defence

Mar 16, 2011, 12:10 PM | Article By: Bakary Samateh

Moses Richards, who is standing trial for the offence of giving false information and sedition, yesterday continued his defence at the Banjul Magistrates’ Court before acting-Principal Magistrate Alagba.

Richards told the court that upon consideration of the above mentioned reasons, this was why, “I decided to write a letter for Pa Ebrima Colley in his capacity as the Alkalo, and the said letter was dated 6th December 2010”.

He pointed out that after writing the said letter, Pa Ebrima Colley then further assured him that the information given to him was true and correct.

“Pa Ebrima Colley made a call to a gentleman to convince me, whom I later spoke with as one Mr. Colley. He introduced himself to me as the Director of Physical Planning, who also assured me that what the alkalo said was true.”

“Mr. Colley further told me that he was part of the task force that investigated that case,” he told the court in his defence.

Richards added that he then decided to dispatch the letter to the Hon. Sheriff of the Gambia, adding that his practice as a lawyer involved general civil avocation, engaging in legal writing and research with the other lawyers.

“I also do other consultancy work, as a private lawyer, and also worked with the Immigration Department in the areas of illegal migration for advice,” he added.

“This case started since 1992. I have not been involved in the case in anyway neither interfered, but only working as a lawyer under the instruction of my client,” Richards told the court.

Told by his counsel, Surahata Janneh, that he did mention in his letter that ‘they will have a problem’, and asked who he referred to, Richards told the court that he was referring to the villagers of Jabang, whose properties have been damaged and they lost monies.

But the state counsel, Daniel O. Kulo, raised an objection, stating that a leading question should not be allowed, adding that the learned counsel knows the procedures of the law.

The trial magistrate, however, overruled the objection.

According to Richards, his client told him that when the bailiff went to the village, they were throwing people’s properties from their houses and the bailiff found it very difficult to calm down the villagers.

He added that the alkalo then drove straight to the then Minister of Local Government and Lands, Ismailai Sambou, to inform him about the matter.

He added that he had never visited the village of Jabang before and prior, and subsequently. “I have never met Karamo Bojang.”

Further asked, by his counsel, whether he has knowledge of the difference between the Office of the President and His Excellency, Richards said there is a big difference.

However, the state counsel, D.O.Kulo, again raised an objection that the defence counsel was still leading the accused person in his evidence.

The state counsel’s objection was overruled by the trial magistrate.

Meanwhile, Richards continuing his defence, added that he never had any hatred nor contempt for the President of the Republic.

The hearing continues today.