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Money laundering is bad for our economy

May 23, 2011, 2:02 PM

The  two-day seminar  on anti- money laundering  and counter financing of terrorism organized by the Inter- Governmental Group of Action against Money Laundering  in West Africa (GAIBA) held in Liberia recentlyfor West African journalists is indeed a laudable effort, which needs to be commended.

The journalists as agents of change have a crucial role to play in combating money laundering in Africa and the world over, and now that they have acquired the required training from the experts, it is their turn to make the  difference in their various countries.

The journalists who were trained should now share the knowledge gained with their colleagues; this will make a great impact in their work.

Money laundering is a big threat to governments, and is not good for any sound economy.

For the journalists to fully engage in the process of disseminating timely and factual information about money laundering and financing of terrorism, governments and international organizations fighting this menace should always provide all the necessary support to journalists, and the security to do their work effectively.

We have to understand that criminals always are trying to think ahead of the security and journalists for them to succeed in their bad deeds; they always manipulate the system.

The survival of criminals solely depends on their plans and innovation.

We call on journalists to continue their fight against anti-money laundering and counter financing of terrorism, and to form a strong network among themselves to promote the effective implementation of anti-money laundering in our sub-region.