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Medical Drug Case Trial Opens

Apr 23, 2009, 9:24 AM | Article By: Modou Sanyang

The Medical Drug trial involving Ebrima Jeng and Mbye Jeng commenced yesterday at the Banjul Magistrates' Court before Principal Magistrate Edrissa Mbai.

The duo are standing trial on a charge of receiving stolen property unlawfully obtained, a charge they denied.

According to the particulars of the alleged offence, on 23rd March 2009 at Tabacco Road and No 14 New Street in the City of Banjul received the following items: nine (9) cartons of pharmaceutical drugs (capotil 25gm) valued at D27,000, thirty-seven (37) boxes of surgical sutures valued at D22,000, one carton a I.V cannular valued at D10,000, one carton of lidociane valued at D2000 and sixteen boxes of  "Depo provera" contraceptive injections valued at D5000. All totalling to D66,000 from Sarjo Dampha of the RVTH store.

In his testimony, detective CPL Kalilu Bojang a police officer attached to the Serious Crime Unit Police Headquarters Banjul told the court that on 5th April 2009 he was at the Serious Crime charged office. He added that while on duty he received a message that there were some stolen goods at number 14 New Street in Banjul. He adduced that he and other officers left for number 14 New Street in Banjul. "We entered inside the compound and asked for the owner of the house," he added. "Mbye Jeng, the 2nd accused came out and identified himself as the owner of the house," he told the court. He revealed that they identified themselves and the 2nd accused accompanied them to the house to look for the items and eventually the items were found inside the house.

Detective Bojang further revealed that the 2nd accused Mbye Jeng was arrested with the items and took him to the Serious Crime Unit. He said at the Serious Crime Unit the 2nd accused was interrogated and he told the police that the items was given to him by Ebrima Jeng, the 1st accused for safe keeping. He stated that the 1st accused was called by the 2nd accused to the station, adding that Ebrima Jeng at the police station admitted giving the items to Mbye Jeng. He said Ebrima Jeng was asked where did he got the items and his response was that he got them from one Sarjo Dampha who works at the RVTH store. Detective Bojang informed the court that he tried to get hold on to Sarjo Dampha at the RVTH but was no where to be found. He said he enquired from Sarjo Dampha's co-workers but was told that he left the place for a very long time. He said Sarjo Dampha's co-workers were invited to the Serious Crime Unit and their statements were taken. He said the medical drugs were shown to Sarjo Dampha's co-workers and they were able to confirm that the medical drugs where from the RVTH.

The case was adjourned until 27th April 2009.