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Media Agenda Trains 30 Journalists

Dec 19, 2008, 7:37 AM | Article By: Malamin Conteh & Binta Fatty

A four-day training workshop for 30 journalists of middle manager level ended yesterday at the Tango Resource Centre. The programme was organised by Media Agenda and funded by NATCOM. The programme brought together 30 participants from different media houses.

Mr. Madi K. Ceesay, the managing director of Media Agenda, gave credit to NATCOM for making the idea of training journalist a reality. Mr. Ceesay pledged that this programme will last for three months and 170 journalists will benefit from training. There will be various types of training ranging from basic journalism to management and some specialist areas like court reporting will also be touched upon. Mr. Ceesay stated that media agenda will come up with a lead across the country to train the court reporters. He urged the participants to take the training seriously and make the best use of it. Mr. Ceesay notified the participants that journalists are out for construction and not destruction and warned them to be mindful of news items that can be destructive. He finally thanked the participants for turning up.

Deputising for the Secretary of State for Information Communication and Information Technology, Mr. Darboe performed the official opening. In his opening remarks that training is good for the Journalist. He highlighted that the ethics of every journalist should be to be truthful in their job. He added that they work for the society and therefore the journalist should work accordingly. He finally commended Media Agenda and the funders NATCOM.

Mr. Cherno Jallow the first presenter spoke on the importance of photophobic writing and urged the participants to write clearly in their stories so that the readers will easily understand.