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Manjai bans, fines Ankeluck FC player for misconduct

Oct 4, 2012, 1:48 PM

The Manjai Youth Development Association Sports Committee has imposed a five-match ban on Alagie Cham of Ankeluck FC for misconduct during the team’s match against Lions Den.

According to testimonies from eyewitnesses, during the match Alagie Cham was shown a red card for using abusive language on the match referee. The decision made by the Disciplinary and Ethics Committee has also included a fine of D1, 000 imposed on him with two of those matches upheld for any misconduct in the future. 

The decision was taken under the powers vested in the Disciplinary and Ethics Committee i.e. Article 19 sub section 19.1.10 which states: if any player(s) or official(s), used abusive language towards match officials, shall be disciplined accordingly as deem fit by the committee.

The Disciplinary and Ethics Committee, according to sports Secretary Alasan Mballow, sat on 1st of October 2012 to review the eyewitnesses/referee’s report between Lions Den FC and Ankeluck FC, and came out with findings that this kind of behavior is offensive and totally unacceptable. Committee members are partners and have no ill-feelings towards any team / individual. As far as they are concerned, all teams and fans are equal regardless of where they might come from. Any team, player, fan or officer found wanting will be acutely dealt with.

The committee also seized this opportunity to warn all teams, players, officials and fans alike to desist from such behavior, as MYDASC would not condone such activities.