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Life Saving Kits For Red Dolphin Guards

Dec 1, 2009, 4:03 PM | Article By: Lamin B. Darboe

At a ceremony held at Palm Rima Beach recently, the Red Dolphin Guards were presented with five complete sets of life saving equipment kits.

According to a press release issued to this paper, the equipment were donated by Mr. David Hutchings, who represented GASIP of Avon UK, who also serves as sponsor of the Gambia Fire Services Department for the past eighteen years.

According to the release, in November 2008, the Tourism and Travel Association got together with the Gambia Experience and built the five beach towers to protect life guards and provide prominent observation posts, which give them a better visibility of the beach.

The release stated that the towers were then handed over to be managed under the jurisdiction of the Gambia Tourism Authority (GTA).

The philanthropic gesture by the GASIP, the release went on, will complement the efforts of the Tourism and Travel Association of the Gambia (TTAG) and the Gambia Experience.

The Life Guards Association expressed gratitude to the donors and emphasised the importance of having the equipment which would enhance their life saving capabilities, the release stated.

It also stated that since the formation of the association, the life guards have been working voluntarily relying on donations and putting themselves at risks.

Present at the handing over ceremony, were Mr. David Hutchings, GTA authority, Gambia Experience, TTAG members and the Chief of the Fire Services, the press release concludes.