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Libyan Official condemns intervention of West

Mar 29, 2011, 2:12 PM | Article By: Nfamara Jawneh

The Director of the Ambassador's Office at the Libyan Embassy in Banjul, Zeyad Abulgasim Muhamed, has said that the intervention of the West in Libya is unjustifiable.

Mr Zeyad was addressing local journalists at his office in Fajara yesterday during a press conference convened by the embassy.

According to him, the problem in Libya is an internal matter, and does not warrant the intervention of any external force from the West, as is happening.

"The financial crisis in Europe and America has compelled them to look for opportunities like what they are doing in Libya to exploit our resources," he said.

He added that the regional groupings should be given the opportunity to mediate in the Libyan crisis, and not the UN Security Council.

"What is happening in Libya and Sudan poses no threat to global security and, therefore, needs no UN intervention," said the Libyan official.

He said that regarding the problem in Gaza, for instance, the UN did not pass any Resolution on that, "but why Libya?"

The Libyan official stressed that there is a double standard in international politics, especially when it comes to the way the West is handling the Libyan crisis.

Events are unfolding in Bahrain, but the UN did not pass any such resolution there, and do not see it as a threat to global peaceĀ - "why Libya?" he further questioned.

"Libya is an oil-rich country, and they want to use this opportunity to exploit our resources on the pretext of protecting civilians," Zeyad accused the West.

Libya under Gaddafi, he said, has tried very hard to transform the dream of African unity into a reality.

"Africa being a very rich continent, the West will never allow us to unite. This is why they are trying to do this," he said.

When asked by this reporter about the crackdown on protestors, before the coming of UN-backed forces, Zeyad said: "Those people were not peaceful protestors neither were they demanding for justice, but instead they are armed rebels."

He said despite enough time given to them, for them to put down their arms and come to the negotiation table, they went on the rampage.

He argued that no government will allow such a protest to happen in any country.

The Libyan officials told journalists that, right now, the UN forces are targeting and destroying civilian homes and national infrastructure, which the country worked hard to build during the past 40 years.

"Libyan people totally oppose the foreign forces in our country, and would continue to show solidarity with our leader," Zeyad declared.

Regarding Benghazi, where the uprising was said to have begun, Zeyad said that part of the country were never neglected, since they have about five ministers from that area.

The African Union, he said, has proposed a panel of five Heads of State to mediate the Libyan crisis, but just before they began the mission the UN forces started their bombardment of the country.

"We shall never deviate from our set goals of promoting progress, unity and development of Africa," he stressed.

He commended the embassies of Venezuela and Cuba for their solidarity with the Libyan people, and called for the consideration of their recommendation.

Speaking through an interpreter, the Libyan official also saluted President Yahya Jammeh for his Pan-African ideals, and the Gambian people for their cooperation.