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Let's Learn from Taiwan

Aug 20, 2009, 7:16 AM

It has been said that the Republic of China on Taiwan is a great country in all aspects of development.

The people of Taiwan have made tremendous selfless sacrifice for their country, the fruits of which they are today reaping.

Most importantly, the people of this Island State are indeed hard working. It is interesting to know that most people in Taiwan go to work at eight o'clock and close at six, all in the national interest.

Sadly enough this is not the case in our own country where sometimes people leave their workplaces at any time before the close of work, despite shorter work hours of 8 to 4.

All development-minded Gambians should aspire to change that attitude. We cannot afford to continue to lose valuable time. We should remember time is money. It has been advanced before in some of our columns that the development of this country is our collective responsibility as Gambians. And that no one else will come from outside to develop this country for us. We should develop an attitudinal change and learn from the success of friends like Taiwan.