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Let’s cherish the path of peace

Dec 14, 2016, 10:43 AM

Let’s crave for an amicable solution to the political situation our nation is presently going through.

We are all kith and kin, and we should endeavour to live in peace and harmony.

Elections come and go, but our relationship continues. Let’s do everything humanly possible to ensure peace reigns supreme, and avoid any problem or conflict.

Peace, as we all know, is one of our priceless commodities in The Gambia; hence we must do everything to nurture and maintain it at all cost.

While fears have been raised and the transition process stalled, as a result of the statement annulling the December 1 polls, we believed there is a way forward.

As the Ecowas chairperson stated in Banjul on Tuesday, the talks cannot be completed in a day or so. “It is something that we have to work on,” she said.

So let’s be patient and work along the peace path, more so that we are still in the transition period of handing over power to the newly-elected president.

We are, therefore, calling on all and sundry to cherish peace and tranquillity, and eschew violence.

As we move on into the process of transferring power to the elected president, let’s hope and pray that the political impasse we are currently confronted with is amicably resolved, with the full cooperation and understanding of both parties.

It is essential that all parties work together and ensure an orderly and peaceful transition.

We would also like to appeal to all religious leaders – both Muslims and Christians - to continue to pray for peace and stability in the country.

Let us put aside our differences, and work for the good and betterment of our nation.

We should encourage nothing that will jeopardise the peace and tranquillity of The Gambia.

“We seek peace, knowing that peace is the climate of freedom”

Dwight D. Eisenhower