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Let us rally behind the Scorpions

Aug 9, 2011, 12:53 PM

As  the national senior football team is preparing  for the qualifying rounds of the African Cup of Nations to be co-hosted  by  Equatorial Guinea  and Gabon  next  year  all  hands  must  be  put on  deck  to give  the Scorpions all the  necessary  support  they  need.

For  us to  achieve this as  a  country,  the  team  needs  both  moral  and  financial  support  at  this critical  stage of our  football,  in order  to  produce  the desired  results  that the team needs  to qualify.

The  remaining  games  are very  important  for the team  to  pick the  necessary vital  points . This is the only thing that can determine the senior national  team’s  qualification.

The coach has a big task ahead of him, if he wants to qualify The Gambia. Equally, the players too have to be committed  towards  the team’s qualification.

We  appreciate the government’s  and private sector’s  contribution, but still more  resources are needed for  the   team.

The  Gambia  for Gold  should mobilize more  resources , so that it will meet  the  demands  of  the Scorpions.

The  public  should  not  only  sit  and be blaming  the players, but  should instead  contribute towards the team’s success.

It is high time the football fans came in their  large numbers to support the  Scorpions both in their  friendly matches  and international  outings, since this would  greatly  help the players  and the Gambia  Football Association and  the Gambia for  Gold  in their quest  for the national team’s  qualification in 2012.

The National Scorpions Fans Clubs should be commended for the good work they are doing in supporting  our national teams.

The players also must be ready to give their best  to  the country, as expected of them.

The Gambia still  has  a chance to qualify, but this would only be determined by the rest of their matches in the  qualifiers.

At this moment, all what our technicians need is to develop the young talents at the grassroots level, and build the capacity of the local coaches.

We also call on the general public to be always ready to answer to the National Call, whenever they are called upon to support  the team.